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What is the Traffic Records Forum?

The Traffic Records Forum is a four day opportunity to participate in presentations, exhibits, workshops, and seminars on topics of interest to the highway traffic safety and data communities, and to help guide national discourse about traffic records during the ATSIP general meeting.

Information about paper submission will be forthcoming. Generally, presentations are given on all types of traffic records/highway safety data, and may address:

  • Usage
  • Collection
  • Analysis
  • Current and Emerging Technologies
  • Current Systems and Programs
  • Research
  • Current Issues and Emerging Needs
  • Other Related Topics

2015 Theme and Call for Participation

The theme of the 2015 Traffic Records Forum is Drive Toward the Future: Traffic Safety Information Systems and the Impact of Advanced Vehicle Technologies. As always, the Forum will include a wide variety of topic areas of interest to traffic safety information professionals; however, this year’s Forum will also feature sessions on the impact of advanced vehicle technologies on traffic records.

We will be looking forward to the ultimate transition to autonomous vehicle systems — a time when there will be no citations given except for deficient vehicles, and where crashes will be exceptions rather than the expectations. What will your role be during this transition? How will your job change?

This is NOT just futuristic thinking. Right now, vehicles are being produced around the world with new technologies that provide advanced safety capabilities and partial vehicle autonomy. Driverless vehicles, like the Google Self-Driving car, have been licensed in California and Nevada. As these technologies rapidly become more advanced, traffic records will need to change proportionally. Data collected from the vehicles themselves will become more important in analyzing crash causation and classification factors. As 90% of all crashes are caused by human error, the potential for crash reduction as humans are taken out of the equation is enormous.

Eventually, automated intercommunications among proximal groups of autonomous vehicles will lead not only
to a greater degree of safety (TZD), but an end to the quagmire of traffic jams; vehicles will be freed to travel at
much greater speeds and to maintain continuous traffic flows. While there will be increased infrastructure and
vehicle costs, these costs will be offset by enormous cost reduction associated with the reduction in injuries and

With advanced vehicle technologies a revolution in traffic safety is already underway. As traffic safety information
specialists, we have an opportunity to make a major impact on this revolution, and promote developments
that will ultimately make driver-error-focused crash records obsolete and driver citations a thing of the past.

Join us at the 2015 Traffic Records Forum to get out in front of this revolution!

For information about presenting, exhibiting and attending, please contact:
Conference Co-chairs, Dr. Allen Parrish and Rhonda Stricklin at forum@atsip.org or (205) 348-0991.

Who Attends?

Data analysts, state and local law enforcement officials, engineers, motor vehicle officials, emergency medical services providers, judicial administrators, and highway safety professionals from across the United States and international communities.

Attendees can:

  • Attend sessions for the latest safety data collection methods and best practices
  • Learn how to:
    • improve the accuracy of traffic records and highway safety data
    • apply performance goals/measures in traffic records system improvements
    • implement a model traffic records system
    • organize and operate a successful traffic records committee
  • Recognize the importance of standards and guidelines for traffic records systems
  • Become acquainted with new technologies and ideas
  • Network with a variety of transportation and highway safety professionals, AND
  • Discover how better data can help save lives

To view information on past Traffic Records Forum, visit previous content on the Archive Forum page of the ATSIP website: Click here to view PAST Traffic Records Forum


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